Yoga Fit for Sport

Yoga Fit for Sport is run by Victoria; a Yoga for Sports teacher. Victoria’s focus is to bring yoga, mobility, breathwork and meditation practises to athletes, to improve performance in their chosen sport. All sports are catered for, with a specialist focus on yoga for triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners. 

Private 1-1 and group classes are offered. Clients include individual athletes, sports clubs, teams, sporting holiday and retreat businesses. Classes can be held at a studio, privately in your own home, or on location such as training camps, retreats or competitive sporting events.

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Sport is a huge passion of mine. Growing up I competed in showjumping and represented Ireland in international shows in Belgium and Scotland. In my early twenties I got into the gym and running, which then organically grew into triathlon. 

I now compete in triathlon and love the variety of training it involves, as well as being outside and connected with nature. I have a particular love for water! Swimming is a moving meditation for me and is my favourite of the 3 disciplines, but I love a trail run or ride too. 

I have trained in Ashtanga yoga in India and then subsequently in Yoga for Sports, mobility and breath-work. I have coached amateur to commonwealth level triathletes, cyclists and runners and also covered other sports such as weight lifting and BJJ. 

What brings me the most joy is marrying my two passions, sport and yoga. My mission is to improve athletic performance and give athletes a complete body and mind toolkit, that gives them competitive advantage. 

My uniqueness is that I know what it takes to perform at a high level in sport from my showjumping days. I also have ‘skin in the game’ being a triathlete and know the 3 sports of triathlon intimately. This in-depth knowledge of sport, combined with the ‘Yoga for Sport’ methodology puts me in a unique position to cherry-pick the best of yoga, mobility, breathwork and meditation practises specifically for an athlete, so they can succeed in their chosen sport.